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Tradespeople have an advantage due to being able to transition from their standards knowledge base into the fire standards. As a plumber or electrician, these skills remove the need to hire licenced contractors for some of the works such as exit and emergency light repairs and hydrant head replacements, keeping more money in your pocket. Having physical skills and doing day to day tasks also assists in hanging fire extinguishers and mounting Fire Alarm Systems.

As an apprentice electrician, Jacob Foster worked in various parts of the electrical industry with a training provider that ensured complete knowledge of the sector during the apprenticeship. It was here that Jacob Foster saw that regardless of the part of the electrical industry or even other trades work, it wasn't predictable and made it difficult to forecast work. After three months in the fire industry, at the end of his apprenticeship, everything made sense with the Fire Industry. A cycle that was predictable, profitable and took out the stress of incoming work when established.

Insert circle chart... Marketing, testing, failed assets, repair, wait a month or six months (depending on test cycle as per AS1851 and start again.

This type of work takes out all the inconsistency of a trade based business

Even with a trade background, state and territory legislation requires a cabling licence to be able to work on Fire Detection Systems.

Depending on the training provider, this is a short course and can be completed in a couple of days or for the full cabling licence, which FCF doesn't require, a full week plus work experience to obtain an open licence.

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