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Starting as Fraser Coast Fire two weeks before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis wasn't the best time to start any business. However, with the right pricing and service Jacob Foster (Founder and CEO) forged ahead, the company grew quickly. In 2010, Fraser Coast Fire changed the business name to FCF Fire & Electrical due to works being completed regularly from outside the Fraser Coast region.

The 2012 market saw the need for a different approach to be taken as FCF Fire & Electrical looked to expand. The fire business development was rapidly expanding. Client feedback suggested they wanted all of their national locations looked after by the FCF Team.

The challenges of growing the company nationally saw that the franchise model was the most appropriate way to help FCF clients and also share some of FCF Fire & Electrical's secrets to success. Having trialled a branch location in Bundaberg, the decision was made to select franchising due to the quick growth in strategy and removal of middle management. Apparently, the franchisees care more about their business than a typical manager and profit sharing.

Those Secrets Are No Longer Able To Be Kept Close To The FCF Team As The Network Grew

  • Customer service
  • Upskilling Staff
  • Not increasing customer pricing at all costs, unless absolutely necessary
  • Buying Power
  • Negotiation
  • Technology
  • Compliance

With the focus set on the client's satisfaction and ways to improve the FCF model, clients and word of mouth continued to spread. Jacob Foster wasn't willing to risk anything to chance. His hard work and knowledge has witnessed him gain a Diploma in Franchising. He earned his electrical contractor license and is now recognised as one of the leading electrical contractors in the industry. He obtained fire business certificates and other business certificates for the company and became a qualified fire certifier. 

Although, the company's success doesn't rely on one person. The company owes its success to the support team and group of skilled technicians and electricians. With their hard work and skills, FCF Fire & Electrical is the leading Fire Protection Company with innovative technology focused around customer experience and also cutting customer costs while maintaining the Australian Standards and compliance.

2016 - The FCF Brand was recognized internationally as a leader at the International Franchising Association conference. Jacob Foster was selected amongst the top 20 individuals under thirty-five to see franchise systems global. This type of recognition shows that the FCF Team are true leaders. And as the fire industry changes, FCF will continue to look out for their clients as they are always number one.

2017 - Jacob Foster was plastered in multiple billboards across different cities thanks to Vero Insurance. He was selected by Vero Insurance as one of three representatives for their Success Hub. His parents were thrilled to see their son on a billboard at the Brisbane Gateway Bridge.

FCF Fire & Electrical has expanded its operations to regional areas while maintaining its quality service in key capital cities. Given Australia's vast lands, having the right Territory Managers in these regions is key to the business success.

Becoming a Territory Manager is not as easy as applying for a regular position. FCF Fire & Electrical has a list of qualifications for this position that has earned FCF a roster of brightest and friendliest skilled operators in the country.

With everyone working together, FCF's dream of offering services to small business, councils and large business are coming true.

2019 - Virtual Reality fire extinguisher training has hit the Australian market and FCF have been very busy helping the designers meet the fire regulations to an office scenario.

2020 - The year of Covid and starting franchisees in this year especially Melbourne as a challenging experience. With marketing plans and normal business opening procedures hindered by government policy FCF managed to not only have one, but two new franchisees start in Covid. These guys and their families really pushed hard, and one family even managed to pay off their franchise in Covid.

FCF opens up free training online for Australian businesses to help them meet compliance and save some money in these trying times.

2021 - The year has finally arrived where the business now has 50+ National clients and growing. Its also a time to start the second phase of our long-term plan. The second stage is slowing down franchise sales as all key areas have been met. This stage also includes bring in a General Manager to assist meeting goals for the business along side Jacob Foster.

Franchise sales are still available and only to the best of the best in the fire industry. If you have the skills and experience of being in the fire industry, we are happy to help you grow with our Brand.

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