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Frequently asked questions about the FCF Opportunity

Do I need to be an electrician or fire technician?

To ensure a high level of success in this business, we require industry experience. This ensures you have the required skill sets needed in the field and ensures you can deliver the high level of service our clients deserve. Ensuring we have skilled operators, technicians, franchisees, business owners in each area. 


Can I get help from a technical point if a tricky situation arises? 

Our team has multiple electricians, certifiers, designers, and overall experts in each field that FCF operates in. With the overall technical experience in the group exceeding 100 years, we are here to support each other. 


Is the work only supplied by the FCF Support Office?

Work is gained via both the Support Office and the Franchisee. With our in-house Estimator and Key Accounts Manger working on State and National Contracts/Tenders, they can also assist in local tenders/quotes. The Franchisee will market in their local area, to help build a strong brand in the area. 


What happens if my marketing plan isn’t working in my area? 

After many years of experience FCF typically implements different marketing plans and strategies in regional businesses and the metro businesses. We use dedicated SEO, marketing, and media teams and at any point we can adjust your marketing plan to suit the market. An example of this was demonstrated during Covid, where we were able to adjust our marketing plans and strategies quickly to ensure the new franchisees gained work. 


The territory that I purchase, how is it operated?

FCF offers an exclusive Marketing Territory which only you can actively market in, with additional input/ support from the National Support Office online marketing. You will be able to offer services which match your skill sets and we have the ability to bring experts to you, who have the licenses and skills to service other equipment that you do not hold the licenses for; to ensure to you are meeting all of the client’s needs. 


If something out of my control occurs, like a family member is ill, what happens?

FCF is a family-first focused business, and we do our best to provide the support and assistance you need. Life has ups and downs which require the business to adjust. We are here to help. 


Can I have employees?

We encourage you to hire employees to help your business grow. Adding employees also allows for a better service level for clients. The FCF Team has guides set up to support you in conducting interviews, onboarding new staff and managing employees KPI’s. 

Can I grow the business into a bigger business if I choose to?

FCF offers two options of growth, which includes purchasing additional territories, or upskilling to run a bigger business, with your own administration, accounts, and management team. 

Before we offer the second offering in the franchise structure, the Franchise needs to be demonstrating growth in the business and the Franchisee needs to demonstrate their understanding of their business. 


How do I gain extra skills to complete more work? 

Working with training organizations has allowed many FCF team members to grow their personal skillset and be state or nationally recognized. You also learn from the other Franchisees.  FCF also runs regular training to improve your knowledge and keep you up to date with the legislation. The Fire and Electrical industry require improvement in skill sets as new products come to the market or industry standards change. 


Why does the FCF Opportunity have a lower initial outlay than other offers? 

Setting up a business is costly, and each franchise system will have different costs, relevant to the required skills and activities required.  FCF focuses on our costs and offer the lowest entry point that we can for you to start in a FCF Franchise. 


How long are typical terms for the FCF Franchise?

Our standard terms are 5 plus 5 years. However, we have a very successful Franchisee, that after completing their first term, has now opted for a 25 year term. 


After the first term, can I sell the business?

The business can be sold at any point. For the best results in a successful sale, we recommend that the business have at least three years of 20% growth, good profits, and growing clients. At the beginning many businesses invest in their growth by adding employees.  


My Question isn’t listed here, can I ask someone?

You are more than welcome to fill out the contact us form with your question, so that we can assist. 

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