FCF Fire & Electrical Financial Modeller (FCFFM ©)

Financial Projections Made Easy

You can use your own methods to forecast the first 5 years of business operations, but we suggest you get in contact with us, so we can go through it with you. We have a custom financial modeller template, which can give you potential financial projections of your business.

All data is discussed between you and the CEO, then entered into the FCF Financial Modeller (FCFFM) which will automatically update the spreadsheet to view forecast results.

Once the data is entered and the modeller is completed, the information produced is based solely on your own assumptions and does not predict actual outcomes.

We can make changes and do as many scenarios as you like and either print or save each scenario until you and your expert advisors are satisfied.

All entry figures in this model are exclusive of GST.  However, allowance for GST has been made in the cash-flow projections. These assumptions may not be accurate for your own specific business.

You should always seek independent advice and assistance from a qualified accountant on the figures that you project. FCF Fire & Electrical supply the FCFFM to you but do not give you any advice or warranty as to the accuracy of the projections that you have prepared and it is up to you to seek advice for verification. The FCFFM and its spreadsheets is purely a template to assist you. It is up to you to do your own due diligence for your particular franchise location.

Please note: The template has not been created on any normal accounting standards the format is entirely the unique work of Market Minds Pty Ltd and is under copyright.

Speak to us to find out more about the FCF Financial Modeller and see what your first 5 years with FCF could possibly look like.

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