Our Training To Enter The Fire Industry Sets FCF Apart

FCF has spent many years refining and adjusting our recruitment and training program to ensure franchisees are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to start their FCF journey. With support staff and training facilitators within the FCF group having 30, 25, 15 & 10 plus years’ experience in the industry; the expertise that is available at your convenience is a major contribution to the success of our recruitment and training program.

Franchise Training is held in stunning Hervey Bay, Queensland. Right next door to the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. Which if you choose, can be a nice spot to visit on your weekend in-between the two-week training block.


What We Cover in the Training Block:

  • Business Overview and the FCF Brand
  • Business Planning, Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • Franchise Systems Software
  • Routine Business Operations
  • Legislation including BCA, NCC & Australian Standards
  • Extensive theory & practical training on inspection & testing of various Fire Equipment

Words From Newly Trained FCF Franchisees

Owning A Successful Business Is Easier With FCF

Full Franchisee Training & Ongoing Support

Internal and external trainers with 100 plus years’ experience between them; you couldn’t ask for more knowledge.

Dedicated team to work in and on your business with different speciality fields

Nationally Recognised Brand That Clients Value

Large clients want one point of contact for their various locations

Dedicated team members fulfil the needs of large organizations so that you can have small, medium and large business on your books and not miss out on business

Return On Investment

Investing in a franchise is investing in your future. You need income, returns and a tidy sale price to make a franchise system worth investing your time and money into.

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The FCF Way

Our Customers: FCF operates on the compliance requirements of Australian Legislation and Standards. We do not oversell to clients as this will ruin long-term relationships. We provide the quality service and advice. We give our clients what they need to meet compliance requirements all at a reasonable price.

Our Business: When I (Jacob Foster) first started business in 2008, as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) hit, I would have been grateful to receive any sort of assistance to make starting a business from scratch much easier.

When John and Carmen (original FCF Franchisees) first started, we only had a couple of people available in the Support Office who was able to assist – mainly myself & Bob Thomson. Today there are seven full-time office and field staff members available to provide support and training to our franchisees.

Having 24/7 assistance from multiple experts readily available at your convenience, is a saving grace when something goes wrong. Given that we are in the fire industry, we need to offer professional and prompt support around the clock, especially for fire panels and fire pumps.

Utilising innovative technology and having expert support on these systems, is gold to running your business effectively. With today’s ever-evolving technologies, your operating system talks to your accounting package which talks to your bank. This type of technology cuts down on lost productivity in the service industry which gives you the ability to spend more time in the field earning income and gaining new clients.

Our Business Development Manager gives our franchisees the right push needed to become a successful business owner and reach their personal goals. The BDM role is there to guide, assist and ensure that you and your business is on track. To be clear, it's not all roses, as we do have guidelines to meet to make sure we set a high standard and push forward in the marketplace. At the end of the day though, you are the business owner and we are here to provide advice to help make running a business easier and avoid making common mistakes, but results are based on what you put into your own business at the end of the day.

Remember, with FCF you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.


FCF Franchise Support Office

Jacob Foster

CEO/Franchise Sales

Bob Thomson

BDM/Technical Support

Trish Begaud

Franchise Support

Chloe Vanderwolf

National Customer Support

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