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Running a business of any type requires new knowledge and a great skill set. However, with technology advancing at the current rate and expected to gain more momentum in the coming decade, running a business and staying on top of advances as an individual will become more difficult. FCF has multiple experts in Marketing, Accounts, Fire Safety, Electrical and our biggest asset - our people from our junior staff, tradespeople, franchisees, support team, and senior staff. At FCF Fire & Electrical, you're in business for yourself just not by yourself.

Support is available in multiple ways from a midnight phone (24/7) call as a fire system fails to everyday business advice.

Knowledge is the key to any technical business and FCF offers alternative ways of learning from modules, videos, and group sessions. These sessions change monthly from technical to business advice. The best part in an open session is having fellow business owners in the industry help solve your key issues along with support staff also giving guidance.

FCF Franchise | Training and Support | Fire, electrical, safety compliance Australia
At FCF Fire & Electrical, our Franchisees get the best Training, Certificate ll In Fire Safety which is a government recognized course by registered RTO, which is included in the cost of being a franchise. The benefits of being a Franchise with FCF is your team will always have access to the best training modules to assist you throughout this industry.

Supplier and key areas extra learning is valuable to stay ahead of the competition. Part of the FCF culture is learning and upskilling and the most productive way to learn is with a group of fellow FCF business owners. Prior to each conference, FCF Support Team looks for opportunities with suppliers to upskill knowledge or gain an extra certificate that places our team ahead of the competition. An example is the 2017 Vesda Training with Flamestop. With no out of pocket expense for the training, everyone involved gained extra knowledge a leg up on the competition and another revenue stream for their business.

At FCF Fire & Electrical, we understand that everyone's journey is different and the curveball that we call life throws throughout the lifespan of your business owners may require adjusting. Those out of the box curveballs, whether health or family related, FCF is flexible to understand that your needs come first.

FCF invites you to meet the Team and also fellow franchisees as we find this is the best way to understand if our values and culture align.

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