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Training / Contractor Pathways

Having experience as an electrician & fire technician is a bonus and a great starting point for an FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise opportunity.

Having worked in the industry for someone else and doing all the hard yards with only a pay packet at the end of the week isn't your end goal.

FCF can help with assisting you advance your career into becoming a business owner. Opportunities exist from employment direct with one of our franchises or entering as a contractor with FCF.

To execute our goals of operating a national fire company across Australia, FCF is utilising contractors at present to help maintain state and national contracts.

Why not start as a contractor to gain a taste of how FCF operates?

This way you can see the benefits of our systems just like Luke Alexander from Airlie Beach Queensland did, and decided to take this pathway to becoming a business owner with FCF.

Looking to enter the Fire Industry?

Become a fire contractor with FCF Fire & Electrical

FCF Fire & Electrical recognise that taking on a new career plus a business can be a challenging time. So why not look at joining the fire industry as most people do as an employee or a contractor. With training from the FCF Team you can learn the aspects of becoming a contractor and work your way up in the industry with our systems, marketing, buying power and knowledge.

Starting with the FCF Provider Franchise means that you focus on the work and we focus on the administrative side of the business. We work together to build clients, you do the work and we complete the clients, invoicing, asset registers and required paperwork. Before you start the next months' work we book in the clients testing with your schedule and away you go.

So what comes with an FCF Provider Franchise;

  • Your own business with exclusive territory
  • Routine work
  • Ongoing Monthly Training plus access to our Training library
  • Marketing plus we turn on our Instant Quoting website for your Territory
  • Fire Tooling
  • Fire Equipment to sell
  • Training with recognised accreditation
  • Uniforms
  • Administrative person
  • Monthly Business Check in to stay on target to your goals
  • National Accounts Support Personal
  • Bonus if you're an electrician as we can help you gain more electrical work with our experience of marketing in the electrical industry

With our technology and systems your work with fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, electrical test and tag, fire hose reels, fire blankets is made easier via a tablet.

Our system logs your times on site to bill the client, assets, client signatures, ordering equipment and more. With this one device you have access to all the requirements of a FCF Contractor to gain clients and know where all the fire safety equipment is onsite. Best part as we build your business you're able to add clients in as they approach you or our administrative team will notify you that a new client has requested your service with details logged in the system

Luke Alexander who has worked for other fire companies, started his own fire business and was a FCF Fire Contractor who had upgraded his business to FCF Pro. Knowing that being in business by yourself is tough and defiantly not easy, having an experienced Team is a lot easier and helps make a lot less mistakes.

List of services a franchise can provide:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Delivery Lay Flat Hoses
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting
  • Electrical Test & Tag
  • General Electrical Services (if holding an Electrical Contractor's License)
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • First Aid Kits
  • Eyewash & Safety Showers
  • Fire Training
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan Australian Standards

It's really not that hard to be trained in running your own fire contracting business. All we want you to do is focus on the three things that really matter in a business.

1. Marketing
2. Completing the workload
3. Looking after Customers' needs to comply

Invoicing, scheduling, banking, 1300 calls, systems are all looked after by our team. It's never been easier to join the fire industry.

Here are some more details if you would like to join FCF as a contractor and then up your knowledge and skills set.

  • Upgrade for the difference of the cost to FCF Business
  • Use the business to pay off the cost to upgrade to FCF Business
  • Adding in more services with more tooling

Join the FCF Team today and become a business owner

We do require a meeting via a Discovery Day with FCF as we only want people who are going to build a successful business. You really want to meet the team that will assist you in starting your own fire company.

Makes sure you do your research, the old saying goes 'for every $1k you spend do at least 1 hour research'. We want you to know everything before joining the FCF Franchise Family.


Contact us now to see what opportunities await for you to work with FCF.

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