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Return on Investment


FCF's first franchisee and their return in investment and hard work

Starting a green field business isn't easy and the hard yards in the first three years really set up a business for your goals. John and Carmen decided not to employ people and build a strong business with their biggest at $38,711.33 for a month in their franchise.

Taking the leap as the first franchise with FCF was a big risk and after doing their homework decided in 2012 to enter the fire and safety industry as an FCF Franchise Partner. Having zero experience in this industry and not being an electrician/tradesperson didn't hold John and Carmen back as they stepped into a new future.

Starting with an FCF Franchise Businesspackage, see how this husband and wife team (and other selected contractors as required) grew their business.

  • Buy in $35,000
  • Turn over final year $302,882.35
  • Base Salary $170,000 per year
  • Sale Price $241,500
  • Return on investment and time

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Building Assets

An opportunity that usually goes under the radar when looking at returns on a business is the aspect of an option to rent your own warehouse. Let's face it, there is no better tenant than yourself. John and Carmen bought a commercial building and utilised this space to separate work life from home which is something Jacob Foster also did with the original business. When talking about ROI, wouldn't it be great if you had a story like John and Carmen's about not only buying into and running a great business but also building your own building portfolio?

The reason FCF franchised the business

Trailing branch growth for over a year and moving onto the key points that franchising brings allows FCF to run with a lighter support team. Moving managers wasn't the ideal pathway. However, franchising allows business owners who have invested and care about their business perform at a higher standard which in turn removes the need for middle management. Having a lighter head office allows our pricing to state and national clients to be extremely competitive with a higher level of service.

Franchising is a great industry and does bring people together. FCF chose to franchise due to people, investment and return of investment being shared with franchisees who are business people spending their money locally. The goal of FCF is to be able to provide a competitive service with a high level of expertise through training to all businesses in Australia; franchising and its people allow this vision to become a reality.

Royalties and Rebates

Honesty is key to any relationship, whether family, personal or business. Rebates are not accepted at FCF as the potential rebate return is then used to lower the cost of supplied materials. Each supplier is set up to deal directly with each business owner and FCF negotiates the bulk buy on all franchisees' behalf.

Royalties were calculated at a flat 8% of turnover. However, after a review was completed on the FCF system and under no obligation, a discovery of group knowledge allowed the support office to run with a lighter team and in turn lowering the royalty needs. Using data collected FCF has been able to stage the royalties from 8%, 6%, 4% down to 2% depending on turnover. The staging is based on pain points of growth in the business, as addition of vehicles/staff. A little percentage change means more in your pocket to grow.

This type of honesty builds long term relationships, friendships, and respect within the FCF Group.

Can you do this?

This is a great positive industry and business to be a part of. However, it also comes with hard work, applying yourself and giving up time in the early years to reap the benefits of lifestyle options later on. FCF wants people who want to make a difference and be a part of a team that is moving forward together as an industry leader.

"Act as individuals, respond as one team."

Jacob Foster (Founder, CEO)

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