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Taking a step in the right direction always begins with investigation.

Personally, I like to help and develop FCF businesses by building strong professional relationships that have a positive outcome for all.

Below are the steps taken throughout the franchise onboarding process:

  1. CEO reviews the initial enquiry
  2. Candidate receives an information pack
  3. Candidate speaks with the CEO via phone
  4. Candidate lodges a formal application
  5. CEO conducts a video presentation about our system and franchise network
  6. Candidate attends a Discovery Day to meet the team and see in more depth the opportunity
  7. Candidate reviews legal documents and conducts due diligence
  8. Candidate attends training at the Support Office
  9. Onboarding specialist orders equipment and stock
  10. Marketing strategies are initiated
  11. Candidate officially launches business - Day One
  12. Support Team provides ongoing support
At FCF, we encourage you to contact our franchisees via the main fcfnational.com.au site. Please be mindful that everyone is running a business and it is best to organise a time you're both free.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

~ Jacob Foster

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