Key Numbers

FCF has a target to become the largest fire & electrical company with highly skilled owner operators in each territory or multiple territories they own. To make this goal FCF has to start with the right people and further educate them into becoming a fire & electrical service professional. This will allow FCF as a brand to become a household name into the future. Below are figures that show our Territory success and also that you're not investing for a wage but a future business that is a business not a job. To achieve the targets below comes with honesty to our clients, hard work and knowledge to complete the works to the Australian Standards. Through knowledge growth and with FCF experience not only at the support office but along with fellow franchise owners we can assist you with your goals.

To create a realistic view of the figures compared to an average job
The below figures are based on a 5 year period. 

  • Electrician with project work $437 per job average

  • Non- Trade without project work $327 per job average

Lower end jobs for basic fire servicing can be as low as $25 per site ex gst. Not being our ideal clients FCF still services to assist with brand building and customer service no matter the business size.

Highest Project Works for one site in a territory

  1. $389,551.05

  2. $243,408.50

  3. $184,825.00

Fastest growth in first full year of FCF business

Each Start-up or Green field business starts with a target of $180k in the first year to ensure wages, cost & profit is achieved. The goal is to push above no matter if your regional or metro based.

Largest service based contract run by a franchisee across multiple territories utilizing other territory to achieve the clients servicing requirements

  • $120,000.66

FCFs model allows you to not be limited by your territory borders when acquiring larger clients. In the situation your too busy or not comfortable to run larger contracts the National Accounts manager can run the account on your behalf.

Highest contract under FCF 5 Year Compliance Agreement

  • Nursing home with two locations including all foreseeable repairs included in pricing

  •  $183,334.80


Providing A Business Model
The goal is growth and bring our industry leading ideas, services & technology to as many ideal customers as possible. Through the FCF model you have the opportunity to grow a business to over a $1m dollar territory or multiple locations - dependant on your goals.

To be able to assist others first we have proven the model ourselves with the original territory, first hitting the ideal territory turnover in year 6.·        

  • Year 6- $1,014,399.18

  • Year 7- $1,033584.29

  • Year 8- $997328.81

  • Year 9- $1,219,188.70

  • Year 10- $1,501,154.07

National Clients

FCF have chosen to withhold national client pricing due to competitive information being shown. State and National based clients work should be viewed as a bonus and not part of the marketing plan in FCF's view as this marketing is done via our marketing team. Each month you are kept up to date with the different stages the support team is at with contact, quotes and requirements of the client for servicing. Part of the reason for FCF forming a group such as the FCF Franchise opportunities was to allow local business owners the opportunity to gain larger clients outside their normal operating range.

Above figures have come from honesty, group buying power, integrity, support, hard work, team work and increase knowledge. Joining the FCF brand as a business owner is about growth and increasing your skill levels.

To find out more and see different parts of growth in each business or a skill level that is similar to your current level contact FCF.

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