John & Carmen's Success Story


FCF's First Franchisees

Being the first franchisee in February 2013 John and Carmen took a massive risk. FCF Fire & electrical had proven that they could run a successful business. However running a successful business and running a successful franchise system are two very different models.


John and Carmen first approached FCF Fire & Electrical while they were exhibiting for one franchisee, the trial franchisee. Jacob recalls how John came up to the stand excited.

‘John grabbed me as a thinker and I could tell he had done some homework, I was pleased to continue the conversation and eventually sign on the dotted line at McDonald's in Gympie’

With the formals sorted it was time to get to work, for everyone. FCF hid their franchising and focused all attention on John and Carmen’s business in the Sunshine Coast.

The Successful FCF Franchise Evolution

The first month was a slow start with $36.36 banked. As the system was adjusted and changed to suit a more profitable business growth was shown and together over the time their record stands at $38,711.33 for a month for their franchise.

Buy in $35k (limited stock and tooling compared to today)

Turn over final year $302,882.35

Base Salary $170k

Sell Price $241k


The sell price is high and there is two main factors. High net profit and franchise businesses sell for more than non-franchise as the support team stay in place and there is no hidden business damage.

Over time the original franchise in sunshine coast has seen the support office transform from one dedicated staff member to now seven in 2018.

The biggest changes have come in the form of software, management, innovations and hiring offshore to lower costs.

When FCF Fire & Electrical look at lessons learned from when Jacob first started to help not only assist John and Carmen starting but other territories.

They are a lot more efficient, adjust marketing plans weekly if required and give 100% support in those early months to ensure your territory becomes successful.

Having this track record allows on boarding franchisees to feel more comfortable knowing that they aren’t alone and have a support team behind them that does just that, support you.

Do you want to be like John and Carmen and open an FCF Fire & Electrical franchise in your local area?

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