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Where does my work come from?

FCF has a marketing team of three people who perform a range of duties to assist in gaining local work for your territory. National customers are a growing section with FCF's structure allowing for competitive national pricing.

In the initial training, we will let out all the secrets on how to gain work with your role and the support office's role to ensure we make the phone ring.

How much can I earn?

The more effort you put in the more you can earn. One key part to ensure that you are gaining the most out of your investment is to take up the study sessions each month as these are designed to build your knowledge base and in turn find more non-compliant issues with customers sites. On the Successful FCF Franchise Page, we can see some basic figures from John and Carmen's journey. To find out how much Jacob Fosters's (CEO) Franchise Territory is earning as a self-managed business, fill out the form below to find out.

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Is FCF growing?

On average FCF targets 20% growth at a sustainable health growth range. Some franchisees wish to grow faster and the support team assists in 50% to 100% growth.

What type of vehicle do I need to operate?

Due to pressurised extinguishers being transported and the health and safety risk, FCF utilises the VW Caddy and Hilux Ute.

Branding is important and we recommend starting with a VW Caddy as you are driving around a mobile billboard for the business.

How long does your recruitment on-boarding process take?

From initial inquiry the average is around three months, this includes a Discovery Day (meet the team that wants you to be successful), your professional advice, training, marketing setup, and equipment orders.

As a franchise partner am I required to have a store?

Initially, a shop front isn't required. However, to be successful and sell at the best possible price a store is required in 3 years. This is also another investment and has the business pay off your store.

How long is the training?

Training lasts a week for Franchise Provider and Franchise Business, two weeks for Franchise Pro at beautiful Hervey Bay QLD. Information overload is crammed into the time at the support office. Although, training doesn't stop at FCF as information is key to a successful business and ongoing support is always available. FCF has had franchisees come back for more field time training at no cost to enhance their skill set in specific fields.

What are the fees?

FCF has a sliding royalty scale. With our data, we know when a pain point in a franchisee's growth occurs and lowering royalties allows your business more cash flow to fund the next growth stage. This goes from 8%, 6% ,4% to 2% (dependent on turnover). A marketing fee is also set up  at only $500 excl. GST per month. The fee is input by the franchisees each year to fund the needs of our marketing.

What happens when I want to sell?

This is your business and if you decide it's time to sell, the franchise agreement sets out the process. We do recommend having at least two years notice before selling so that we can ensure great figures for a great return.

Do I need to be an electrician?

You don't have to be an electrician. FCF can assist you with short electrician courses so you can run a very successful business and also be knowledgeable in electrician jobs.

How are the territories sized?

Postcodes, 5,000 plus businesses, 10,000 plus residential dwellings and income demographics. Our territories are large and have the potential to have $1m plus turnovers.

With Jacob winning the Nextgen Competition in USA 2016 as a franchisor under 35, is FCF going Global?

Research has been done in the American market into the potential to a franchise, however, FCF will only look to stay within the Australian Standards and not take the business globally.

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