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Franchisee Benefits


Group Buying Power

Like all group systems franchises, enjoy group buying power from insurance to key poduct suppliers. FCF negotiates at the end of each contract and then passes the savings direct to franchisees. No double handling and dealing direct with the supplier.

Franchisees making decisions

A key point of difference is the involvement of the franchisees in decision making through monthly meetings and deciding where to spend marketing dollars within the marketing fund. This involvement has led to the development of a fire safety website and the building of an instant quoting website.

FCF Franchisee Benefits | Fire, electrical, safety compliance Australia

Support Team

Don't want to be bogged down with admin work? Keep your earnings high by staying in the field where your expertise is. Here at FCF, we have assembled an outsourced team at only $12.50p/h to help you save time by handling tasks you need to be done without interfering with the tasks you need to focus on. Your office can run smoothly without unwanted interruptions. We know you need a clear vision for the future and goal setting abilities, but these important tasks are often overshadowed by busy work that can be handled by your team. Our team can handle all those tedious daily tasks you need to attend to so you can focus on growth. We can help you decrease your daily headaches, and help you keep everything organized to keep your business running smoothly. As a business owner, when you feel confident that everything is operating smoothly in the background, you can hyper-focus on business growth and strategy.

Being part of the FCF system means that you're in business for yourself, just not by yourself. Having like-minded business owners operating a territory like yours means that help from someone with more experience in your shoes is a phone call away.

Support office staff are always helping to improve the development of our new fire businesses and also the backend. A lot of time can be lost in the office if the systems aren't efficient.  Thinking smarter and utilising technology is driving FCF Franchisees forward ahead of the competition.

We have many program integrations with our business & website such as our online training courses which you generate income - without you having to do any work! Reap the benefits of our instant quoting website as well.  We are always updating and brainstorming new lead generation techniques and technologies we can use to increase and continue passive income within the business.

Marketing team to gain work in the electrical or fire industry

Paying for a marketing agency that knows your business inside out can be costly. As an FCF Franchisee, you have an internal team of three for marketing. Before opening day the marketing team is starting to rank you on search engines like Google / Yahoo / Bing. Their goal is to make your phone ring and bring in work. With multiple software applications, marketing continues each and every month throughout your territory, even when on holidays.

Taking time off in my business

Taking time off as a small business owner is difficult.

Who is going to look after the phone?

How is the work getting done?

Your fellow franchisees and support office have your back. Allocating work or having a fellow franchisee step in for emergencies while you're away allows customers to remain happy.

Couple working together in a franchise

Working with my partner in the business, can I do this?

We have multiple couples who choose to work together as one, primarily focusing on field work and the other on administrative duties. The partnership also builds a strong team environment for business. Check out the ROI tab on this website for our first couple franchisee in the Sunshine Coast. They are a great example of how teamwork pays off for customers and their efforts.

Running a franchise by yourself

What if I don't have the time for office work and want to continue servicing customers to bring income in?

Recognising that not everyone's partner or for those single operators having an extra set of hands helps. FCF have trained and plan to continue adding administrative back end help. This allows you to stay focused on face to face service and customer satisfaction in the business while you're assistant jumps in on the back ground work. To keep the business competitive, FCF hires from the Philippines and you only pay for the time required to use this part of the business. Later when you're looking to hire full time administrative personnel, it's as simple as handing over the reigns.

Technical and Training Support

Technical help with in the FCF group is always a phone call away 24/7. Our CEO handles majority of the after hour's technical advice and if he's on a call already, we have many other technicians that can be called upon in an hour of need. Ranging from Electricians, Sprinkler Fitters, Carpenter, Mechanical and fellow licenced technicians, we have seen it all in the fire industry and help is closer than you think. Training initially gets you the basic knowledge. However, FCF don't just want basic knowledge for franchisees or employees. Training modules have been created to simplify and easily access learning which point out key components like legislation, Australian Standards and related documents. Each month, a Study Group is held on a topic which typically runs for 45 mins to 2.5 hours. Knowledge is key to FCF's success and to your business operating at its best.

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