Franchise Opportunity Locations

At FCF we have franchise opportunities located across Australia.

From green field territories to already established franchises, you will sure to be able to find a location that suits you.

Contact us, to discover franchise opportunities in your area.

Owning A Successful Business Is Easier With FCF

Full Franchisee Training & Ongoing Support

Internal and external trainers with 100 plus years’ experience between them; you couldn’t ask for more knowledge.

Dedicated team to work in and on your business with different speciality fields

Nationally Recognised Brand That Clients Value

Large clients want one point of contact for their various locations

Dedicated team members fulfil the needs of large organizations so that you can have small, medium and large business on your books and not miss out on business

Return On Investment

Investing in a franchise is investing in your future. You need income, returns and a tidy sale price to make a franchise system worth investing your time and money into.

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Why Consider A FCF Franchise?

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    Strong National Brand

    Private closed tender invites show FCF's brand power with Australia’s biggest and most common household names trusting us to complete their fire protection requirements. 

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    Group Buying Power

    A major reason for joining a group is to gain discounts from the very same suppliers your likely to be using now. Insurance is 277.78% lower than an industry newcomer. 

    (FCF Real Percentages 2018)

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    National Clients

    Whether gaining national clients via tenders or marketing the key areas FCF has found to be successful is having franchisees spot opportunities and be the first to offer solutions to growing companies that want one provider who can do it all. 

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    Business Development

    Dedicated business development manager to assist your business along with external advisors who have been short listed and come highly recommended. 

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    Proven time and time again on how to grow a business and using forecasting when to determine when to increase marketing. In comparison to other businesses, the fire industry has the advantage of easier forecasting of slower periods which allow for our dedicated team to help you plan and implement strategies to reach your targets.

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    24/7 Support

    Having access to multiple highly skilled technicians and franchisees after hours means that you have the confidence to be able to raise any issues that you and your client are experiencing, whether it be having on the spot support via phone or video chat.

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