Are you an Electrical Contractor?

That’s great, we want to help you enter a more routine industry with higher margins.

Also, take you from being a tradesperson to a business person

We aren’t going to turn down any existing clients you may have; we are going to increase your capacity to gain more clients.

From experience, Electrician’s don’t share too many business secrets. Let’s face it, anyone can buy a van, some extra tools and you’re on your way. However, the fire industry is much more difficult. You nearly have to be related to someone or just plain lucky to enter this type of work. With benefits of cleaner work, higher hourly rate, higher percentage mark-ups and routine work… it’s no wonder sharing this industry with outsiders is a frowned upon activity.

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FCF And The Bigger Picture

Luckily, FCF has seen the bigger picture! Global companies are gaining the best work our country has to offer which makes it difficult for smaller operators to get into the market.

By banding together as franchises under the one brand, we have the capacity to service small, medium and National companies.


Taking On A New Industry

Taking on a new industry is always a big step. However, this is easier than you think. Our CEO knows from experience as he started as an electrician, moved to the fire service industry and created the FCF Franchise Model.

Let’s work together to evolve your business into a business that gives you better returns and that you can actually sell at the end of your career.

You’re in business for yourself, just not by yourself.