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FCF's Founder and CEO, Jacob Foster, started out as an electrician. Here is what he has to say to fellow electricians out there...

As electricians we have an array of different choices after our apprenticeships end, such as communication, electrical engineering or the fire industry, just to name a few. Luck would have it that I found myself in the fire industry after finishing my trade. After all the joking had ended about just changing 9 volt batteries, my eyes had opened and I recognised how large the fire industry is in Australia. Particularly the additional skills I could gain with ease. Now as a business owner, the routine maintenance aspect of the fire industry is what interests me greatly, as my cash flow is fairly stable compared to my former employers who only focused on electrical works. The fire industry works on seeing your customers a minimum twice a year or 12 plus times a year, with repeat testing, repairs, maintenance and installation; depending on the assets.

Having worked as a subcontractor in both the electrical and fire safety industries, the ease to jump between Australian Standards as an electrician was a bonus. AS1851-2012 changed the field, as following and meeting legislative requirements was made easier with each test required to be carried out, placed into a step by step table. Having trained several electricians and non-electricians on Fire Safety Australian Standards, I find that electricians can pick up AS1851 and supporting Australian Standards with ease.

Our company is FCF Fire & Electrical and we have created electrical franchise opportunities. A path way for fellow electricians to transition from a highly competitive market to a market with less competition, higher margins, routine work flow and systems designed to lessen time spent in the office. Thinking smarter by using todays technological advantages, and working less in the office means more income.

Electricians have an advantage due to being able to transition from their current Australian Standards knowledge base into the Fire Safety Australian Standards requirements. As an electrician, this skill stype removes the need to hire licenced contractors for some of the works such as exit and emergency lighting repairs and fire panel repairs or installations. Keeping more money in your pocket. Having physical skills and doing day to day tasks, also assists in conducting electrical safety checks, hanging fire extinguishers and mounting Fire Alarm Systems.

If you're an electrician who wants to diversify their career, we want to speak with you.

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