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Tradies - Conversion Benefits

Business Acquisition - Are you ready to leave your electrical or fire business to advance your opportunities or simply retire?

FCF would like the opportunity to investigate your business and confirm the valuation offer.

A pathway to exit the business not only exists through immediate acquisition. Contact FCF today with your business valuation or if you're not currently sure of your business value as some smaller electrical or fire contractors aren't aware that your goodwill is worth selling.

Allow our experience to help you determine a price.

FCF would like the opportunity to buy or purchase your business and convert to an FCF Franchise for another local to own and operate.


Match Maker
Don't want to convert your current business to an
FCF Franchise Model, however would like FCF to assist in selling your business?

FCF gain applications for joining our team weekly, however not everyone wants to start a greenfield business.

We can match a seller to your business under our Adap-Personal-Activate-Transfer model.

You gain the business sale at a higher price as franchise businesses sell for a higher price due to management teams that operate behind the business which in turn brings confidence to the buyer.

FCF gains more brand recognition to achieve our goals of being the largest independently Australian owned fire/electrical company. This is a great win win win situation for all parties.

Learn more about this opportunity through FCF today.


Conversion of current business 
Advancing your business with you as the owner

If your electrical business is hitting growth problems, cash flow issues, you're spending money and time on building systems when time just isn't available, you're unable to gain state and national contracts, your marketing strategies are not hitting the returns... these are just some of the pain points small to medium business owners experience.

FCF has been there and learned the hard way in some instances. Along with multiple business coaches (some costing a bucket load to learn from), the FCF Franchise cuts those costs and eases those pain points of growth.

Converting your business is easier than starting a greenfield business, as you already have you (the most important person in a business), customers and a dream. Having converted both electrical and fire businesses to the FCF brand, has increased the value, and each time have maintained the customer base and then grown.

Many business owners look at what's in it for them, when FCF focuses on what's in it for the customer because without them we don't have a business.

Benefits include longer warranties on products, better pricing, access to portals in our management system showing history, assets, invoices, quotes etc.

Of course the benefits are extended onto the business owner, with access to multiple business owners with the same business as yours, multiple fire certifiers, training modules/videos/study groups, think tank discussions regarding the future of our industry, online tools, plus much more benefits.

The most important thing is your exit plan, no one lives forever and at some point you will want to sell and why not sell for the best possible price.

Contact FCF to discuss your options.

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